Hand-crafted Traditionally whilst Embracing Modern Technologicial Advancements .

Quick Specs

• Deep-Carve archtop body featuring mahogany back and maple top
• Mahogany neck set-in with long tenon
• 25" Rosewood fingerboard with 24 narrow/tall frets
• Buzz Feiten Tuning System (customer option)
• Schaller, GOTOH or Sperzel machineheads (customer option)
• Range Of The Finest Handmade Scatterwound Boutique Humbuckers Available For Electric Guitar
• Wilkinson/Gotoh VS100 or Fishman Powerbridge Piezo with High Mass toneblock (customer choice)
• Hand-wired to customer specification
• Custom hardware finish (customer choice)
• Includes plush luxury case with matching serial numbers

Handwired Point to Point to customer specifcation.

Long Tenon Mahogany Set-Neck with high access sculpted heel .

Mahogany body with comfortable Deep Carve Maple Archtop - Handcrafted in Japan .

Plush Luxury Hardcase with matching serial number.

Precision locking machineheads as standard.

Scatterwound Pickups Hand-made in USA by Dominger.

The Legendary Wilkinson GOTOH VS100 with various tonebloc options .

Bare Knuckle Pickups Buzz Feiten Dominger Switchcraft EMG Pickups Wilkinson Parts Gotoh

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