I just want to produce the finest set-neck, mahogany/maple guitars that could possibly be produced... and have all the fun in the world doing it!

If (like me) you demand both proven vintage, crafted-by-hand construction methodologies and innovative, cutting-edge technology all in one instrument, then DonMeister is for you.

In my guitars you will experience the entire technological and developmental journey of the stringed, electric instrument which began over eighty years ago. DonMeister points to the future of the electric guitar by acknowledging the spirit of tradition driven by contemporary state-of-the-art.

DonMeister values the highest quality in every aspect and every detail of the instruments construction. My guitars are meticulously handcrafted with the finest master luthier skills and (responsibly sourced) highest premium natural resources from across the Planet. Continuously improving tone, playability and reliability with modern technology without sacrificing the purest benefits of proven traditional techniques is what DonMeister guitars embody.

DonMeister Guitars represent the perfect synergy between Art & Science in a premium instrument for the discriminating guitar lover.

I have no interest in producing a high volume/mass produced guitar. Even if I wanted to, I simply cannot produce DonMeister guitars in great volumes due to the rarity of materials we use. Its that simple.

Rare, due to the scarcity of its premium tonewoods. Precision made by hand to order; DonMeister is the modern Holy Grail for the guitar virtuoso.

So plug one in and enjoy experiencing my guitars as much as I love producing them!

Don Gabriel
Owner & Founder of DMIC

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